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The soft, relaxing aroma of Lavender is known for its many healing benefits.  Breathe in the pleasant fragrance to calm your mind.  Bamboo carries a fresh, clean, green scent that is light and crisp.  These two fuse together creating a blend sure to put a smile on your face, and help ease your mind.

On top you will find Aventurine.  Often mistaken for Jade, this opaque green stone is said to be calming, speed healing, and increase prosperity.  In ancient Tibet this stone was believed to help eyesight.  

Tip:  Known as the "Lucky Talisman" place the gemstone chips in your pocket when you plan to gamble.  We recommend carefully removing the chips from cooled, solid wax before use.

Feather 4oz (gems)

SKU: FEZ-G4Z-101
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